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Year End & New Year (Finally)

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Hello there 2013.  I’ve been absent from here, but I won’t dwell on that.  I have been busy busy busy over the last month.  I enjoy blogging, but when something has to give, it’s blogging.  Sorry!

I’m embarking on a new journey, triathlon training.

But before I talk about that, I’ll start with 2012 accomplishments.

Photo that I posted to Instagram.

I didn’t start running until the end of July, so I’m pretty proud to have gotten that far by the end of October (when I stopped running for about two months).  And I didn’t do much hard work to lose weight until I started running either.  During Boot Camp, I got down to 196 once and then shot back up to 204 by New Year’s Eve.  My eating turned to crap and I didn’t exercise for about 2 weeks.

On December 30th, I started my membership at a Health and Wellness Center.  It’s 13 miles from home in the opposite direction of work.  Logistically bad, however, I’m making it work.  The town I work in has no gyms with a pool and neither does anything on the way to work, so I make do.  If I’m triathlon training, I need a pool.  End of story.  I was also attracted to all of the FREE classes they offer with your membership, huge perk.

Joining the Center was directly related to fulfilling my 2013 goals.

Also, in my journal were written “Try a yoga class” and “Blog 2-4 times a month.” Yoga was accomplished on January 4th and I intend to go weekly (fell on my knees last week and couldn’t go, but will resume this week.)

Since joining, I have attended a yoga class, 2 BodyPump classes, 4 spin classes, ran 14.87 miles, cycled 18.9 miles & swam 1150m.  I didn’t start swimming until last Wednesday when I had my first advanced swim class.

2013-01-09 21.04.40
After my first advanced swim class.

I signed up for the advanced swim class at the YMCA to  learn proper swim techniques.  A half-Ironman begins with a 1.2 mile swim… don’t want to be doing that doggie paddle or wanna-be-freestyle.

The first lesson was January 9th.  About 3 minutes into the class, I realized I probably should  have started with an intermediate swim class.  However, the instructor seemed very experienced and was definitely patient.  She had each of us begin by swimming from one end to the other however we liked, to evaluate our experience.  Then she split the class in half to address our different needs.  We learned how to breath properly, in through the mouth and out through the nose underwater.  Seems simple, but requires practice if you’ve never done it, fyi.  We learned the butterfly stroke as well.  Definitely not a simple stroke, but fun to try.

And until next time (I’ll write more about my triathlon planning), I will leave you with a thought… Don’t go on a diet, they are designed for failure.  CHANGE your diet and the way you think about food.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  Incorporate more and more whole foods into your meal planning.  Many prepackaged foods have chemicals designed to make you crave more or MSG which causes obesity (I recently learned that scientists pump mice full of MSG to make them obese for testing.  Sick.).  I’m buying less prepackaged material every time I shop and trying to make healthier choices.  Have a great day!