Happiness & Confidence

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For a long time, I relied too much on other people and money to make me happy.  Not that I ever had much money.  It was a lack of money that depressed me.  Struggling to pay bills, buy groceries or save any little amount of money, I stressed about it all.  Stress made me want to eat.  Eating made me fat(ter) which got me to 240 pounds.  Being 80 pounds overweight was uncomfortable and miserable.

It took more than a year for me to nail a routine that I enjoyed and could stick with.  Finally, the weight started to slowly shed itself from all over.  My measurements shrank and clothes started fitting better.

I am not saying that you can’t be happy and overweight.  I wasn’t happy that way.  I hated how my clothes fit.  I hated looking at myself naked.

Being active and getting fit has given me confidence and happiness that I cannot recall ever having before.  I am doing this for me.  It’s wonderful having love and support from my family and friends and it does help to push me harder sometimes, but I also know that I am doing something now that no one can take away.

My favorite exercise outfit. I feel hot in spandex now. 🙂
Shirt that didn’t fit last year!
My achievements thus far. 4 races down.

I’ve lost 35 of 80 pounds.  This isn’t about dieting or dropping quick weight.  Nothing about it has been quick.  I’m in an endless lifestyle marathon, not a sprint.

What brings you self happiness?