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As mentioned, I ran the Xtreme Muck Ruck on September 8th.  The following week was the Warrior Dash in Walker, MI.  A while back, there was a Groupon for it and I didn’t snag it fast enough before it sold out.  I figured it isn’t meant to be.  Then after the Muck Ruck, I joined the Warrior Dash Facebook page where I found a woman who couldn’t use her registration.  For a discounted price, she transferred the registration to my name, I paid her via Paypal and voila!  I was registered for the 3:30 wave of the Warrior Dash.

I went solo, because Scott had to work and everyone else was sick or had plans who I asked.  Here I am getting ready…

This race was 3.31 miles.  I finished in 1:06:59.  Not a terrible time, especially since I had to wait in line on a few of the obstacles.  I was in the bottom half of finishers but I don’t run to win.  I run for the fun of it and to beat my own personal goals.

The obstacles were similar to the previous race, like crawling under barbed wire through mud.  The hardest was climbing over wide floating  buoys in water too deep to touch the bottom.  I swallowed a good amount of nasty lake water and my upper body strength is poor.

There were a few pictures of me in the race photos, and here is the best one where  I had just gone through the mud under barbed wire.

I asked another participant to take a picture for me after the race…

The drive home literally stunk.  I smelled like stinky lake water.  The showers provided at the Dash didn’t really get me very clean.  I just wrapped myself in a towel on the way home and took my clothes off in the shower.

Doing mud runs on two consecutive weekends tore up my body.  I have bruises all over my arms, thighs and calves.  I only took a couple of pictures.

Poor lighting when I took this, but you get the point.  This is before they all turned blue, purple and black.
I even had a scrape on my stomach and I was wearing a tank top.

I definitely recommend obstacle/mud races if you want to break up the monotony of plain old running.  The obstacles make it super fun and the sense of accomplishment when you reach the finish line is stellar.  I’m so impressed by what my body can do when I decide to DO something.  It’s thrilling!


Xtreme Muck Ruck

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I put together a video of the pictures and video from various sources for the event.  I started writing a post, but it’s been a busy week already!  My husband started a job yesterday and Harley has his first soccer practice/game tonight.  Did I mention I am the coach?  YIKES.  Plus Scott will still be working, so I’m conducting this on my own!  Terrified.

Anyway, here’s a video to hold you over until I can finish writing the blog entry.