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Dirty Dozen & Drugs

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The day after the Alumni Soccer Game, I ran in my third and final mud run of the year.

Scott decided he wanted to do this one too.  He told his friend, AJ, and he thought it sounded cool, so he ran it as well.  His girlfriend, Kheri, came along and we all had a great time together.  In fact, they had such a good time, they decided to run and camp with us at the Xtreme Muck Ruck!  That will be another story though.

The week leading up to the race, we had 70 degree weather… on race day, we topped out at probably 45?   Maybe less.  And luckily enough, the first obstacle was a slide into a water hole.  The water was in the 30s!  So flippin’ cold.

This would have been lovely… not in October.

I only have a few pictures of me during the race, but I also found some pictures of the different obstacles from the Barry County United Way Facebook  Page.

I’m near the middle of the picture with the pink gloves. Scott and AJ are to the left.
I should have leaned back more. In the heat of the moment, I forgot and had to do a little scooting near the bottom.
And from here on out, I was numb.  Last picture of me during the race.
Small obstacle, jumping boxes and hay bales.
Great mud hole.
They called this a rooftop.
Good one of Scott dodging the zombies. We had caution strips tied to us. Unfortunately, I lost mine. Should have plowed the little bugger who was pushing me off course.
Over a mud pit.
Crawling under tires and running through them.
Through some “tunnels.”
Over a dirt pile, over a gate and not pictured was crawling under more orange fencing then over another gate.
Last obstacle, very mucky mud pit and ropes to pull out of it.

After hitting the water, I was so numb, I could barely run/move.  My only complaint was that it was far too cold for that kind of water obstacle in the beginning of the race at the end of October.  Otherwise, we had all had a blast.

After the race, they provided some lunch for free:  hot dogs, chips, coffee, hot chocolate, pop.

Here we are before and after the race.

After the race, I was talking to Kheri about why I like to race.  I don’t run races to win.  I don’t think I will ever be the fastest or best athlete.  That is completely okay with me.  I sign up for races to keep me active, pushing toward my goals and because of the “high” I get afterward.

When I finish a mud run or a race, I feel like I’m on this awesome high the rest of the day.  Now, I have never tried drugs, so I really can’t compare, but I think the high I get from racing is better than any drug could ever be.  I have a small obsession with watching Intervention and I always feel so sad for how pathetic these people act while on drugs and how much they hurt their families and friends in the process.

Why do drugs when you can race?  I feel invincible.