Injury & Illness

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A little over two weeks ago, I fell on my tailbone at work.  It was so stupid.  I was on a table, trying to crack my back and flipped the damn thing over, slamming my ass on the concrete floor.  I couldn’t get up for almost 5 minutes.  Oh my gosh, seriously so stupid.  But not Michael Scott stupid.

Since then I’ve had sensitivity and have been unable to workout with much intensity.  After last week’s boot camp, I decided to do nothing until the following camp this Thursday.

Oh what torture when you aren’t healthy enough to workout.  Saturday was beautiful 60+ degree weather.  My running buddy called to see if I wanted to run and I wished that I could.

Thankfully, my tailbone pain seems to be letting up, so I’m hoping that whatever I did is nearly healed.

I also felt ill all of yesterday, although I never got sick like both of the boys and my husband did.  I am very thankful for that as I HATE vomiting.  Never have to worry about me developing an eating disorder because I love food and HATE vomiting.  Did I mention I HATE it?!

Luckily, my mother-in-law lives down the street and saved us by taking care of the boys while the husband and I went to bed right after we got home from work.

When I’m feeling lazy and skip a workout, remind me of how I should appreciate my health and get out there and do it!  Okay?  Thanks.