Alumni Soccer 2012

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Last Saturday was the Annual Alumni Soccer Game at my high school.  We come back every year to play the current varsity team.  This is something I look forward to every year.  I’ve missed a couple because of pregnancy and work one year, regrettably.

The turnout isn’t high usually.  Last year, I think there were 7 players?   This year, we ended the game with 10 players.   I actually went to the high school, looked through all the yearbooks since I graduated and wrote down everyone’s name.  Then I went on Facebook and individually searched names and sent messages.  I don’t think I can do much more than that to spread the word!

This time there were 2 other 2005 grads playing with me and we even had someone from 1997!  More power to her for coming out.

My fellow 2005 grad, Crystal and I warming up.
Yolanda and I were acting captains for the game.

Almost everyone who came was a defensive player and no one was a goalie.  I volunteered to be  goalie for half of each half.  I played goalie on occasion when I was a JV player.

I like this Matrix-esque photo.
I was a little bored at times.
And sometimes I caught the ball.
Hey, I sort of look athletic for the first time in my life.
This one is kind of hilarious. What is that girl doing with her legs?
I look like a giant next to her. I feel like I actually got pretty good at defending against her. Used my bean better than I did in high school. Haha.
My friend, Yolanda, how awesome does she look?

Yolanda and I were talking a couple nights again about how we both look better than in high school.  Maybe the best since we’ve known each other.  It’s pretty awesome to feel and look better now than in the days of our supposed “prime.”

“Dream Team” 2012

I wish we could play more than once a year.  I miss being part of team sports.  We ended up winning 4-0.  I had a blast with everyone.  Next year, I should be in even  better shape, so that will be SWEET!