Funk & Fitocracy

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The last week has been tough for me.  I’m really lacking in energy and motivation.  How do I battle this?

I have a few things that work for me.

  • Workout Buddy:  A very dear friend who lives just down the street is my running partner.  We text each other every night and decide on what time to run in the morning.  Occasionally, we run in the evening when morning doesn’t work.  Knowing that I have to meet her gives me the push to get out of bed at 4am.

I ask myself… Did you enjoy looking and feeling that way?  Do you look good naked?  Well, put the damn shoes on and get out the door then!

  • Fitocracy:  This is my new motivator.  It’s a site that allows you to track your workouts and earn points (for what, I don’t really know, bragging rights?  I don’t care I just want more!).  There are support groups for specific things like Couch-to-5K (c25K), weight lifting, cycling, swimming.  You can give people props for their accomplishments.  It’s very user friendly and fun to use.

If you are interested in joining, it’s free (there is an upgrade available, but I haven’t looked into it much) and currently has an iPhone app.  They recently announced they are working on an Android app, so I’m anxiously awaiting that release.

Click to Join Fitocracy.

Another blogger that I thoroughly enjoy is lauraMUSTloseweight.

Could I please look like that someday!  She’s single and younger than me, so honestly I think it’s a little easier for her to do what she does. Not that she doesn’t KILL it when she works out, but as a mother of two young boys and wife to basically a man who should be considered a teenager, it’s really really tough sometimes to please everyone and myself.  I follow her website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  Basically, I think she rocks.

And I’ll leave you with this, because I love this episode of “How I Met Your Mother”…