Before &… During?

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I wouldn’t call this a before and after shot.  I’m still changing, still wanting to lose more weight, still working toward it.  So let’s call this a before and during or in progress comparison.

When I look at this “before” picture, I feel sick that I let myself get that way.  I feel like I literally woke up one morning and I was 240 pounds.  How could I have slowly gained the weight and not noticed until I tried to dress up nice for my mom’s wedding?  I distinctly, VIVIDLY remember trying to dress for that day.  Nothing fit right, I tried on every nice item of clothing I had before settling on this outfit.  I had to wear the skirt above my belly button to accommodate my gut.  Miserable.  I felt utterly miserable.  The only saving grace was how amazing my hair looked.  Thank you lovely hair.

So here we go…

WHAT?!  Look at that chin, the back fat, the gut!  Check out how much shorter the skirt is because I had to wear it so high on my waist!   I don’t even have that shirt anymore, far too big.  The skirt now hangs on my hip and pretty soon it will be retired as well.

I was busting out of size 18 jeans and I said enough!  I cannot, will not, refuse to go up to a 20!  I still had all of my size 16 jeans from high school and damn it, I was going to get back into them.  31 pounds down and every part of me smaller (I know because I took measurements, also important!), I’m now 209 and comfortably wearing a 16, getting very close to moving down to a 14!  And if you’re wondering how I’m not wearing a smaller size, we’ll discuss muffin tops at a later date.

Here is a front shot, I’m making a weird face.

And because my kids wanted to get in on the action, here’s a picture of them.

No, I don’t understand why Harley has his hands up like that.

I cannot stress enough, take a before picture!  Or if you have a shameful photo like mine, use it as your motivation.  When you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, you can see how untrue that is.  Changing your body happens so gradually that from day to day, you obviously will not see a difference.  Reference points are so important.

I printed out my fat picture and taped it to the bedroom wall.  It’s right by the light switch so I see it EVERY day.  It’s my reminder of how unhappy being unhealthy was for me.

Another huge benefit is SPANDEX.  I love wearing my spandex capris now.  I don’t think I look as bad as some people and even if I do, I have enough confidence now not to care!

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