Xtreme Muck Ruck: Race Day

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The first wave was at 10:00 on Saturday and I was in it.  I think there were maybe 30-40 people in it.  This was the first year the Xtreme Muck Ruck was held.  The participant count ended up being around 250 people for the day.  Not very many by Warrior Dash standards, but I’m sure it will grow when people find out how AWESOME the course was.


If you want to check out the video I made of the race, here it is…

I have a few obstacle photos, but most of them were way back in the woods on trails that I didn’t want to re-explore after the race.

Went up the 20′ middle section in the rain!
The water slide was so fun!
The Bug Zapper… there are tons of small nylon ropes with stainless steel wire hanging all the way across to shock you.
I made it!

I had a blast doing this race and Scott decided that he definitely wanted to do it next time too.

This race was a fundraiser for Homes For Our Troops, so the medal was fitting.

After I cleaned up, we watched some other racers go through the bug zapper and spent some time with other campers.  Met some great people that I hope to see at future races!

The next morning, we cooked breakfast, packed up camp and leisurely drove home.  Scott kept the speedo at 55 – UNBELIEVABLE.  So relaxing and what a gorgeous trip… can’t get enough Pure Michigan…

On the road… this state is beautiful. Pure Michigan.

Kayaks & Camp

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Although this doesn’t particularly relate to fitness or weight-loss, I think it’s necessary to share that I probably had the BEST weekend alone (a.k.a. sans kids) with husband that we have ever shared together.  And really, mental health is just as important for keeping your body healthy as physical fitness is.  I have much more to say about that, but now is not the time.  On to the weekend!

We went to Copemish, MI during the weekend of September 8th for the Xtreme Muck Ruck!  A tiny town in the northern Lower Peninsula.  Here it is…

Friday morning, we loaded packed the SUV with a ton of supplies for the weekend, stopped to buy some food and then hit the road.  I brought my knitting supplies.  Anyone else get extremely sleepy in vehicles?  I have to be doing something or I pass out.

We made reservations to kayak at 2:00 in Honor before camping.  There was a light steady rain, but we decided to get some ponchos and tough it out.  The nice man who ran the canoe rental met us at the office, loaded up our kayaks and we followed him to our end point in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Forest.  Then we got in his van to go back to the launch zone.

I insisted Scott wait to get in his kayak so I could have a picture of myself on the water.

We made it about 100 yards down the river and the rain started up again.  Sadly, I couldn’t take pictures along the river because of that.  Some notably instances during the trip included crossing a small lake (which I HATED), a crane that followed us down the river (who I named Frasier) and a fishing weir that was closed (so we had to come to shore and drag our kayaks around it).  By the time we made it to the end, we were pretty tired and ready to be done, but we did have a good time.  A cold front had come in with the rain, so we were cold and soaked too.

Here’s the view. By that time, we were too cold to explore the beach.

Lake Michigan over the dunes and on the horizon.

And guess who doesn’t exceed the weight capacity now?  This gal!

Maximum capacity = 225 lb. I am under that! YES!
Kind of soaked!

It was about 4:00 when we finished.  I was famished.  Dinner was going to be provided at the campsite at 8:00 but I couldn’t wait.  We found a little bar called the Crystal Palace, pretty nice place.  They had AMAZING fried green beans.  Check in was at 6:00 for camping and it was, of course, still raining.  We finished setting up the tent and tarps around 7:00 and it stopped raining soon after that.  Lame.

Camp looks a little ghetto, but the tarps kept the inside dry and we diverted the water by putting it on a slant.

The meal was chicken breast, rice pilaf, vegetable medley and a salad.  The rice was amazing, by the way.

We met a few of the other campers that night and turned in to get some rest before my 10:00 AM start time the next morning.

Next post – Xtreme Muck Ruck Race Day

Comfort Zone

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If you have checked out my Goal page, you will notice that I have only finished one so far.  The purpose of the goal list is to keep me working toward something and to get me out of my comfort zone to try new things.

I crossed off the first goal when I ran my first 5k on August 18th after 3 weeks of training with my friend, Kathy.  I immediately followed it up with my second 5k the following weekend; setting me on my way to completing ten 5k runs in the next year.

This weekend, I will be able to cross two goals off my list!

Scott and I are leaving first thing Friday morning for Honor, MI.  I will be kayaking (for the first time) down the Platte River, which ends at Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan.  How gorgeous will that trip be?!

I made kayaking a goal because I don’t particularly like rivers or lakes.

After kayaking, we’ll be heading over to Copemish to set up camp for the Xtreme Muck Ruck on Saturday morning.  4 miles of running and obstacles:  crawling through mud under barbed wire, scaling a wood slate wall, over 200 foot slide into 6 feet of mud and something called a bug zapper (just to name a few.)

This will be so far out of my comfort zone that I’ll be practically falling off the map.  If you know me even a little, you would know that I dislike dirty things, being dirty and even the smell of mud.  No doubt, I will certainly be covered head to toe in mud… like this guy.

From Xtreme Muck Ruck’s FB page.

Definitely pummeling my comfort, but I can’t wait for the feeling at the end.  That feeling of doing something you never thought possible.  It’s so empowering.

Have you made any goals to push your limits?  Have you already accomplished some?

I’d love to hear from you, dear readers… if you are there. 🙂