{NOTE: 12/13/2013} New “Me” section coming soon, but here’s a good overview that touches a lot about me and how I changed my life.  Enjoy!

Today is the one year anniversary of my first run.  I have been a runner for one whole freaking year.  Amazing.

Running completely changed my life.  Looking back over the past year, everything I’ve done, all of the things I never imagined I would do… I’m feeling pretty smug after looking through pictures and seeing all I’ve accomplished.  Seriously, is this person me?

Let’s do a recap…

I was never thin, skinny, athletic… I was always the “fat girl,” at least I was in my head.  I was bigger than my classmates, bigger than my boyfriends, bigger than my mom.  Just BIGGER.  I became a mom and for a while, just let myself go.

I watched a lot of TV, sat on the couch knitting, barely went outside and didn’t like exercise.  You guys… I was über boring.

About 4 years ago…


Oi.  That’s a wake up call.  I was 22.  Do I look 22?  No.  I was mistaken for being in my 30s quite often.  I was probably around 250 pounds?  Not sure.  I really avoided the scale back then.

It was over two years ago that I saw a picture of myself at my mom’s wedding and said ENOUGH!


I had such a hard time getting dressed that day because nothing fit.  I felt like a busted can of biscuits, as people like to say.

I started eating better (not the best though) and getting more active (not a whole lot), but I lost some weight, about 20 pounds.


Then I signed up for the Xtreme Muck Ruck, an obstacle course/mud run.  It was totally out of my comfort zone.  Running.  Dirt.  4 miles?!  Not my thing.  But I wanted to push myself to try things I hadn’t done before.

I was talking to a girlfriend about it and how I had to start running.  She wanted to start running as well.  In her living room that night, we made a plan to start the Couch to 5k training program the next morning at 4AM!  It was the only time that worked for both of us.  We chose a 5k that was 3 weeks away and decided to accelerate the program to do it.

So, on that day, July 25, 2012, I became a runner.  I could barely make it 1/4 mile without feeling like death was rushing over me, but I became a runner.


Three weeks later, I finished my first 5k with a time of 36:21.  On a side note, doing C25K in 3 weeks is not a good idea.  It’s suppose to take 9 weeks.

I was hooked after the first 5k and signed up for another the next week.

Soon after was Xtreme Muck Ruck.


I completed the 4 mile course in about 1:20:00.  Not fast at all.  But I attempted every obstacle and ran through the Bug Zapper (conductive rope hooked to a car battery, pulsing current!).  AND I enjoyed the mud!

Again, I was hooked and signed up for Warrior Dash the next weekend.

With the new year, I decided I wanted to give triathlons a shot.  (I started working for 3 Disciplines Racing in the spring to get free racing and perks.)

I became a swimmer.


I had never learned proper swimming techniques, so I signed up for a swim class at the YMCA.

Somewhere in there, I did a polar plunge…


And I became a cyclist.


I sold my engagement ring to buy my first road bike (With my husband’s consent, but little did I know things would be changing on the home front soon).

My first ride.

I also started some weightlifting, which I’ve been enjoying more and more recently.

End of May back progress.

In April, I asked my husband to move out.  No need for details if you don’t already know, but it was time for us to separate.

May was a difficult month with little gym/workout access and time.  But I was still determined to move forward.  This is part of who I am now.

I returned to Xtreme Muck Ruck in June to take on a greater challenge than the 4 mile course.  They added Club 247.  Complete the 2, 4 and 7 mile course consecutively for a total of 13 miles to be part of it.  ACCEPTED.

That race kicked my ass mentally.  But made it through, including 3 more times through the Bug Zapper.


If that wasn’t enough, I signed up for my first Tough Mudder the following weekend.


A 12 miler.  No biggie.

And the following weekend was my first sprint triathlon.


I considered the triathlon a success when I completed my first open water swim during the race!  I attempted one prior to the race at another lake and failed.  I was so worried about not making it through.

This past weekend, I finished my first Spartan Race.


In a Spartan Race, you get punished for failed obstacles with 30 burpees.  Legit shit.


Oh and I ran the race in my sports bra.  First time ever running in only my sports bra.

Also, did I mention that I started eating a paleo based diet?

Munching on my favorite cashew based paleo waffles.

Paleo has drastically reduced the irritation in my gut (IBS).  It has been a huge help in battling my stress eating and food addictions.

One of the biggest things I have gained this year is confidence.  I feel more beautiful, stronger and more athletic than I ever have in my life.  I never feel like I am enough.  I’m learning to deal with that feeling, because I should be enough.  For myself, for anyone.



I want to show my boys how to be healthy and fit.  I want to be the best role model I can be for them.

Anything that I think I cannot accomplish today, I now have the mentality that I will probably be able to someday.  I make plans for bigger things.  For pushing harder.  For being better.

Accomplishments from July 25, 2012 to July 25, 2013:

  • Run Total = 370.49 miles
  • Bike Total = 464.8 miles
  • Swim Total = 20, 550 meters
  • 5k Race Total = 13
  • 5k Personal Record from 36:21 to 31:08
  • Obstacle Course Race Total = 6
  • Triathlons = 2
  • Weight Loss Total = 50 pounds (since March of 2011)

Next year… Endurance Competitions, Marathon, Ultramarathon, Skydiving, Spartan Trifecta…

No fucking limits.


2 thoughts on “Me

    Christopher W Brown said:
    April 3, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Addie, I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work! And, just think of how many good things you are teaching your kids as well. You’re such an inspiration!

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