Contest Prep Week 6 Weigh-In

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The good news this week is that I didn’t gain weight.  The bad news is that I didn’t lose much.

I also have some GREAT news!  I have finally made the decision to buy my domain.  LEGIT stuff people.  If you look up in your browser at the web address, you’ll now notice!  Baby steps toward my dreams, people!

Here’s your reminder of where I began.  Starting weight of 197.5 pounds.

Week 1 5.5 pounds lost, bringing me to 192.

Week 2 1.5 pounds lost, and 190.5 pounds.

Week 3 2.5 pounds lost, and 188 pounds.

Week 4 1.5 pounds lost, and 186.5 pounds.

Week 5 1 pound GAIN, and 187.5 pounds.

(Keeping weekly progress in posts for now.)

And on weigh-in morning…

Copy of 2013_10_18Week6WeighIn
Week 6 Weigh In: 187.0 pounds

Weight Lost: 0.5 pounds (10.5 pounds total)

I am happy my weight isn’t up again, of course.  But half pound feels so disappointing still.

I’m tried to change my mindset by remembering that I have lost 10.5 pounds in 6 weeks.  That averages 1.75 pounds a week.  So yes, two weeks in a row weren’t up to par, BUT my average remains high.  I can’t focus on things I haven’t achieved yet.  I must remember the victories, like this…


Whaaaaat?  I’m seriously loving the shapeliness that’s occurring in the glute and hamstring region.  Something to feel really good about.  And yes, my stomach is smaller but it’s something I’m really really tired of looking at.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

That’s what my stomach looks like with my underwear rolled down.  *sigh*  I call it my stomach mustache.  Totally mustache shaped, tell me you see it?  This is what happens when you are overweight and get pregnant, twice, and end up closing in on 300 pounds.  Skin stretching beyond capacity.

Many people don’t realize that being overweight when you get pregnant will likely cause more stretch marks and issues with “bouncing back” because your body is already being pushed to its limits.  It has gotten better with more weight loss, less prominent.  I hope that it continues to improve.  I can live with all the stretch marks, but I don’t want the saggy wrinkly skin!

So after emailing my trainer, we discussed how to change up my routine.  My diet is slightly modified now (such as decreased dinner carbs and no afternoon almonds, sob!) and my cardio is going to be increased a few days a week.

Lessons Learned & Highlights of the Week:

  • Drink more water.
    Always a problem.
  • Ran a half marathon without stopping on Sunday.
    Blog post about this is in progress!
  • Hit some new PRs.
    Notably, I headed back to the gym on Tuesday night and hit 350 on the leg press for 3 reps.  I’ve never maxed out the machine and wanted to see what I was capable of.My regular sets of leg presses involve 20 reps so I keep the weight much lower than that maximum.  I’d been stuck around 140-150, and kept feeling so weak when I did them.  This week I was pushing 180 during my sets.  After hitting 350, I feel like I really need to push harder!



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