Bikini Prep Week 2 Weigh In

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Food wise, this was a good week.  Workout wise… eh.

I did my workouts, wasn’t feeling on top this week.  Felt kind of off at beginning of the week.  That’s probably due to leg day Friday, Bikram Saturday and half marathon (which I still need to write about) Sunday… yikes.  I swapped leg day to Tuesday now, that way I have recovery time for long runs and racing.

This week was also THAT week of the month.  Boo.

So here’s your reminder of where I begin two weeks ago.  Starting weight of 197.5 pounds.

2014_09_06Day1Week 1 brought a 5.5 pound weight loss, bringing me to 192 last week.

And this morning…


Week 2 Weigh In: 190.5 pounds

Weight Lost: 1.5 pounds (7 pounds total)

I see changes in the hips and stomach mostly.  Honestly, I was thrilled that I lost any weight this week.  I generally retain water weight during period week.  I’m disappointed that I’m not into the 180s as I had hoped. What’s one more week when I’ve waited this long though, right?

Lessons Learned & Highlights of the Week:

  • Leg day needs more recovery time.  I already touched on this.  Friday didn’t work for me, so leg day is now Tuesday.  I really didn’t even think about it being a problem when I looked at the splits.  My trainer was okay with switching it as long as back isn’t trained on the day before or after back since I do deadlifts on both days (conventional one day, stiff-legged the other).  HIIT on Monday was also brutal after last weekend.
  • Meal prepped more for family.  This was so helpful.  Taking the extra time on the weekends to do this really makes my hectic life easier on weekdays.
  • Started drinking tea.  I used to love love love hot chocolate in the cooler weather.  I can’t do the dairy anymore and non-dairy options are too many calories for prep diet.  I am drinking green, black and white teas right now.  I have a few blends.  When I have a craving, I make tea.  Consequently, I’ve drank a lot of tea this week resulting in many bathroom trips.  Arguably, green tea is beneficial for weight-loss as well.
  • A friend from high school came to the gym with me!  Very excited about this.  I posted one day on Facebook my workout hours to give anyone in the area an invitation to workout with me if they wanted help becoming acquainted with the gym.  I have plans to become a personal trainer, but for now I can just offer advice and hopefully ease the intimidation of weight-lifting that most women feel.  Hope she keeps coming back.  My gym needs female lifters.
  • Apples and almonds are still amazing.  (By the way, it’s almost 3 o’clock snack time!)
  • Found a sweet potato recipe that I like.  More about that on my meal prep post.
  • I like to check myself out in the mirrors at the gym.  I probably do this way too much, but I get excited seeing the developing muscles and comparing the changes.  I stop to admire, sometimes making my gym visits too long.  Maybe I’m a little narcissistic now. Ha.  Guess that’s what happens when you start to love and appreciate your body for all the hard work you’ve put into it.

    My back and shoulder muscles are my favorites.
This may be weird, but I like my chest too. It’s just getting so lean!

Heading into week 3 then!  Off to do some grocery shopping and anticipating APPLE TIME!


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