Boot Camp Class 1 & Fifth 5k

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Four days later, and I’m still feeling the aftermath of Boot Camp.  I actually had to hold the toilet seat to lower myself for a couple of days because my leg and butt muscles were so sore.

Despite the pain, I am so happy I signed up for this class.  Pain just means I’m working those muscles more than I have been!  The class has things I’ve done in p90x and Insanity.  It was nice to have some familiar moves, so I didn’t feel completely out of my element.

Boot camp is every Thursday evening.  I bring a set of 5 lb. hand weights, a yoga mat and a bottle of water.  And after my first class, I’ll be adding a hand towel to the list.  Literally, had sweat pouring down my face.  Bananas!

The class has about 25 people.  We start with some warm ups, running, high knees, butt kicks, grapevines… then we moved into a circuit style workout.  There was something for every body part:  lots of squats (so my quads were on fire), push ups, tricep push-ups, ab crunches, leg lifts, etc.  I did struggle with some of it, but I still think it went very well for the first class.

Fast forward to Sunday morning for what might be my last 5k of the year.  I was STILL sore and stiff from boot camp.  Plus, it was down-pouring on the way to Portland, so I was like, “Awesome.  This is going to be the best run ever.”

However, the rain departed just in time for the run, plus it wasn’t freezing like the one last week.  I thought my time would be my slowest ever.   It ended up being my third fastest of all fives runs, so really right in the middle.

On another note, I bought a used treadmill on Friday, so now I’m ready to run for the winter.  More on that later.


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