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A few of my Facebook friends had signed up for a Boot Camp Class that showed up in my Facebook events.  Naturally, I was nosey, because what is Facebook for, right?  I’ve thought about doing a class like this before, so I checked out the website.

This Boot Camp is a 6 week program.  It includes a customizable online meal plan and grocery list.

This morning, I had my weigh-in and measurements recorded.  Here’s a screenshot of the webpage…

My results actually weren’t as bad as I thought.   Then I was able to input my cardio training program, which is mostly running.  Next was the resistance training.  I put in the amount of time I wanted to train and what equipment I had access to then it created a plan for me.

And finally, here is a sample of a daily meal plan I created.  There’s an option to print recipes and grocery list as well.

I also filled out my goals for the class.  The first is to finally drop below 200 pounds.  The other is to get into my next pair of goal pants which are American Eagle 14’s.  I have a few pairs of 14’s that fit, but American Eagle jeans run smaller in the hips.

So the first class is tomorrow night at 6.  I’m pretty excited and I’ll let you know how it goes!


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