Xtreme Muck Ruck: Race Day

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The first wave was at 10:00 on Saturday and I was in it.  I think there were maybe 30-40 people in it.  This was the first year the Xtreme Muck Ruck was held.  The participant count ended up being around 250 people for the day.  Not very many by Warrior Dash standards, but I’m sure it will grow when people find out how AWESOME the course was.


If you want to check out the video I made of the race, here it is…

I have a few obstacle photos, but most of them were way back in the woods on trails that I didn’t want to re-explore after the race.

Went up the 20′ middle section in the rain!
The water slide was so fun!
The Bug Zapper… there are tons of small nylon ropes with stainless steel wire hanging all the way across to shock you.
I made it!

I had a blast doing this race and Scott decided that he definitely wanted to do it next time too.

This race was a fundraiser for Homes For Our Troops, so the medal was fitting.

After I cleaned up, we watched some other racers go through the bug zapper and spent some time with other campers.  Met some great people that I hope to see at future races!

The next morning, we cooked breakfast, packed up camp and leisurely drove home.  Scott kept the speedo at 55 – UNBELIEVABLE.  So relaxing and what a gorgeous trip… can’t get enough Pure Michigan…

On the road… this state is beautiful. Pure Michigan.

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